How to stay healthy in the sickest city in the nation

I read this article today that said the Tri-Cities, our home town, is the “sickest in the nation” this flu season. The flu has been rampant this year in our area and those who get it have been sicker longer.  What do you do to stay healthy in the midst of epidemic flu? Here on the farm we do several things:




It’s all about immunity. We all know it’s important to maintain a healthy immune system. Immunity boosters like Windy Ridge Naturals Elderberry Syrup are a staple on the farm. But did you know that what you eat can directly attack your immune system? Check out this article. You will be amazed!

So in addition to using immune boosters we are also very careful not to hammer our immune systems with sugar. No sweets, few- if any bread products and complex carbohydrates.  Instead we fill up on our own pastured eggs, cultured goat cheese, and grass fed beef and pork. Don’t forget those real bone-broth soups either!


After we’ve taken care support, not kill, our immune systems then comes environmental factors. The CDC says frequent hand washing is a proven method for helping prevent illness. On the farm of course we believe in using good soaps too, like this one. We also use a special blend of essential oils sometimes known as “thieves oil” diluted and applied to key parts of the body like the bottoms of our feet.

While none of these is a sure bet, we feel it helps stack the deck in our favor. So far so good…

Please note that none of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA. This does not constitute medical advice and no product mentioned here is intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness.



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