Blueberry Pie-It really smells like fresh baked Blueberry Pie! Oak Barrel – whiskey & oak, rustic, earthy, grounding, complex
Bluebonnet – a combination of citrus, floral, and a hint of spice. Orange Blossom – predominant citrus scent with floral undertones
Evergreen – smells just like a Christmas Tree – woodsy, earthy, and fresh Peppermint Swirl – true peppermint candy smell
Extravagance – complex clean and fresh scent with citrus undertones Sandalwood – earthy, woody, and spicy tones, very complex, sophisticated
Fireside Christmas – combination of orange, clove, spices, and evergreen Sea Breeze – combination of coconut and vanilla
Fruit Loops – the cereal smells fresh with lemon notes Smoked Birch – evergreen, woodsy, and a hint of smoke, grounding
Gingerbread – just like gingerbread cookies Southern Hospitality – orange, cinnamon, and clove
Harvest – warm spicy scent with moderate cinnamon notes Tobacco Barn – warm. cozy. vanilla, tobacco. and oak
Hill Country Orchard – fresh, crisp apple and cinnamon Tyler Texas Rose – fresh, floral rose – sophisticated, refreshing
Honeysuckle – sweet floral honeysuckles in bloom Vanilla Amber – Madagascar pure vanilla with a hint of amber
Leather – earthy, rustic, nostalgic fresh leather Vanilla Pumokin-sweetvanilla and a pumpkin spice twist
Morning Mist – fresh, soft, refreshing, invigorating, eucalyptus tea Warm Latte – coffee, sugar, milk, vanilla, coziness in a candle
Native American Sweetgrass – fresh, crisp, coastal grass with floral undertones