Free Reign Farm

Fundraising Program

Background Story:

As a mother of three, I used to groan every time a new fundraising sheet was sent home with the kids. Exactly how many candles can a house hold? If I lit all my fundraising candles at once our house could be a lighthouse beacon. Don’t even mention the chocolate, cookies, and donuts… my bathroom scale is still screaming at me over those.
So what’s an organization to do? I’d rather write them a check to leave me alone than purchase more stuff I don’t need. Which is how I came up with the idea to offer fundraising opportunities through Free Reign Farm. It made sense. As a company that lives, works and operates right here replica watches legal to buy at home 100% in the USA, why not help support our neighbors, schools, and churches?

Soap as a fundraiser? Really?

Yes! and it really works! For the reasons I listed above, fundraising items can be a hard sell. Buyers are candled out, and most of us know we’re supposed to be eating healthy. As a matter of fact, the health food and natural products industries are some of fastest growing markets in the US. So why not offer people what they’re already looking for? A 100% natural, made in the USA product that looks good, smells amazing, and is beneficial for them! Not to mention it’s consumable! If your buyers try it this year and like it, they’ll be thrilled to see you come back next pineapple upside down cake strain info year when they’re out of soap and ready to buy even more!
This is the business model that has worked so well for us and our retailers. People try it, like it, and keep buying! Better yet? They tell their friends and they buy too… nothing like your customers helping sell your fundraising products!


  • Free, easy-to-use Catalogs and Order Forms
  • No cost to get started
  • Fast Shipping
  • Easy 100% markup (50% profit margin) means you can sell fewer items and still reach your goal!  (Sell for $2, get $1)

How it works:

What You Do What We Do
Sign up using the form below. We ship your order forms
Collect orders and mail them back to us We send an invoice for half price products & bulk shipping (Local Pickup available to avoid shipping)
Pay the invoice via credit card, paypal, or check We ship your orders to you
Collect money from your buyers and deliver orders
Enjoy your 50% Profit Margin!!!  (Again, you get $1 for ever $2 sold)

Get Started with your fundraiser

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