After ten years working in a field where men are the minority (nursing), I’ve heard many a frustrated wife or girlfriend exclaim, “He’s so hard to buy for!” I’m not sure how guys got the reputation of being hard to buy for, but if I got paid every time a girl said that I wouldn’t need my career anymore! In an effort to take some frustration out of shopping for your man, let me offer a few suggestions he’s bound to enjoy. Plus I included some sales and coupon codes because every shopper loves a deal!

A Shave Straight Out Of An Old West Movie

There’s something super cool about the old west movies with the barber chair, straight razor and boar bristle brush. This set brings that movie to life! A hard wood shaving bowl makes a great mug to lather in. Plus, the customizable etched lid keeps things clean and the wife from complaining about things looking “messy.” (Not my wife, of course) The imported Italian brush has a geniune ashwood handle with real boar bristles. The best part of this set is the shave soap itself, however. It lathers into a thick foam and really makes the razor slide. Extra moisturizing goat milk not only means I don’t need lotion but also don’t cut myself as often either. It comes in four scents and I’ve used them all-Cowboy gets me the most kisses-which makes it my favorite 🙂 $40.00 (on sale!) Plus use code valentines10 for 10% off!

Wood Grilling Wraps

There’s nothing better than the flavor of real wood smoked food. These things make your food taste like a master grilling delicacy even if you don’t have a grill. That’s right–they work in the oven too! Just wrap the food in the natural fake richard mille rm 07 01 wood sheets and it comes out tasting like meat roasted on the campfire. On the grill or in the oven, these natural wood wraps infuse your favorite food with smoky flavor from Pacific cedar and alder. A set of 8 wraps is just $9.99

Bison, Elk, Aligator or Even Ostrich Jerky

There are so many exotic jerky packs on this website it’s hard to choose just one. As a guy, beef jerky is one of my favorite snack foods and exotic jerky is even better! This supplier makes a quality natural product that contains no MSG, growth hormones, steroids, or nitrates. Of the ones I’ve tried, Elk and Bison are my favorite but I’ve not even scratched the surface of their exotic offerings! Hopefully my wife is reading this and will buy me a sampler pack! Most varieties are $8-12.99  10% coupon code on order over $75 plus free shipping with code GreatJerky

Multi-Tool Money Clip

Ok, it’s confession time: sometimes we guys aren’t great at keeping track of our tools. (Not that I would know) But really, the amount of tools it takes to do a biffbar job is just a bit ridiculous at times.  This tiny little clip is 40 tools in one and it fits a pocket and doubles as a money clip. I’m not digging through every tool box, car, and drawer in house… this one thing gets the job done. Because it’s a money clip, it’s convenient to keep on me and really helps my hero status when fix the problem without a scavenger hunt. $29.95-$37.95 get 10% off with code welcome10

Man Soap

Just because we don’t want to smell like flowers doesn’t mean we don’t like your fancy soaps. More than a few of us steal your goat milk soaps when you aren’t looking. After all, hard working men like softer skin too! But the scent of  jasmine, roses, and lavender aren’t really cutting it for us. These goat milk man soaps hit the nail on head with scent. Available in Cowboy, Log Cabin and Lumber Jack scents, the names sound almost as good as they smell. My personal favorite is the Log Cabin–a woodsy combo of fir and cedar really smells like a vacation in the woods… wait… can I have a vacation in the woods for Valentine’s Day? Well, if not, this is the next best thing. As low as $4.95-$5.95 15% off with coupon code forward15


I hope this helps you find something for the men in your life. Hopefully I saved you some frustrated gift searching. If you’re a guy who isn’t sure what to get your love for Valentine’s Day check out my wife’s gift guide for the natural living woman. Happy shopping!