Watch us put eco-friendly packaging to the test!

Eco-friendly packingJust when we wondered if eco-friendly packing was truly possible, we found the answer! We have recycled packaging materials from the local community since knockoff richard mille rm 030 the beginning of our business. (and still take donations locally of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and boxes!) But as our business grew, the demands outpaced our supply of donated materials. We were forced to buy truckloads of bubble wrap to keep your candles safe in shipping.

We looked at each other and said “There’s got to be another way!” after entire truck loads filled with just our packing arrived. Last year, we purchased over 50,000 linear feet of bubble wrap before figuring out an excellent alternative. Why use plastic that fills landfills and doesn’t break down?

Then we found the coolest machine – a cardboard perforator! This little gem takes used cardboard boxes and turns them into shipping mats, all recycled, 100% biodegradeable. You could even use it in the garden to feed your plants. This process has revolutionized our packing process.

See the cardboard perforator in action below. So fun to see something new and useful come of someone’s else’s throw-always!



But, wait, does it work as well? That’s the important part so we had to put it to the test. Watch our “Candle Drop Test” video.

Spoiler Alert: The candles stayed safe even when dropped from dizzying heights.

We are calling this packing material Free Reign Farm approved!

Don’t forget we also offer a used candle jar buy-back program in the store. We can re-use everything from the jar to the lid to the label. Contact us for more information if you are interested.

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