Wood Wick Soy Candles

  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time I'm not a coffee drinker but I've been known to step foot into coffee shops just for that smell! You know, the one that makes everything seems cozy and inviting? This candle perfectly catches that coffee house scent, it's so true to smell that some people wonder how we did it... we'll just keep that secret and enjoy the aroma! Best Seller! People who like this scent also like... well... We don't know... once they pick this one they never change.  
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Perfect candle for all year if you are a vanilla enthusiast like me!  Vanilla is the predominant scent with pumpkin spice in the background to turn this candle from mediocre to incredible. Scent strength is moderately strong.  Those who enjoy Vanilla Pumpkin also really enjoy Blueberry Pie, Vanilla Amber, Warm Latte, and Hill Country Orchard.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Vanilla Amber Wood Wick Soy Candle by Free Reign Farm is the perfect candle for vanilla lovers with a deep, rich added element of amber. Scent strength is mild to moderate.  Most people who enjoy vanilla scents should also check out Vanilla Pumpkin, Tobacco Barn, and Sea Breeze.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time We have been asked for years to offer the perfect rose scented candle. As many of you know, rose is one of the trickiest scents to perfect, but you will be pleasantly surprised with this combination of fresh and floral. Everyone needs a lovely candle to welcome in the summer months.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time We are pleased to release Tobacco Barn.   This is a soft, warm, cozy scent that has hints of vanilla, tobacco, and oak.  The candle burn time is between 80-100hrs.  Clean burning soy wax will not leave residual black soot.  The fragrance oil is phthalate-free to avoid causing the traditional "candle headache" of other candle brands.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time A mixture of mulling spices, woodsy pine base notes and a sweet orange over tone make this one great all year round! Many people are reminded of the complexity of Russian Tea. Regardless, it's one of our most requested scents that has sold out many times. Scent strength is moderate.  If you enjoy Southern Hospitality, consider Orange Blossom, Harvest, and Gingerbread.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time

    The Story behind the Candle

    As many of you know, we welcome all of our customers to tell us their favorite candle scents because we love to duplicate it when it's a winner!  This is the case with Smoked Birch - a long lost discontinued scent that was Love at First Sniff!  Don't think this is a straight campfire smell.  Imagine the smell in the morning when you wake up on a camping trip - crisp, fresh, with a hint of smoked embers.  It has become one of our absolute most loved scents and wanted to share it with you before the New Year.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Don't have money for the beach this year?  No problem.  This candle will make you feel so close to the beach, you'll have to shake your feet just to make sure you don't have sand between your toes. Delightful combination of coconut and vanilla can take you anywhere from Florida to Tahiti. Strength of scent is moderate.  Most who enjoy Sea Breeze also enjoy other fresh scents like Vanilla Amber, Morning Mist, Native American Sweetgrass, and Tobacco Barn.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Long associated with luxury Sandalwood is highly prized for its aroma. Rich, earthy sandalwood scent with full range of warm spice notes make this candle a best seller!
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Free Reign Farm's Peppermint Swirl candle is a nice combination of fresh and sweet without being overpowering either way.  A favorite throughout the Christmas season and for peppermint lovers all year long.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time This scent is appreciated equally by both men and women.  It is so much more than just a plain citrus scent.  It is a combination of citrus fruits and well blended floral notes with light spicy base notes that are understated but pleasant. Scent strength is moderate.  Most who enjoy Orange Blossom also enjoy other fruity scents like Bluebonnet and Southern Hospitality.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Imagine uncorking an old whiskey barrel. Rich tones of oak, wood, and warm whiskey with a hint of spice make this scent uniquely rich and full bodied. We can honestly say we've not smelled anything like it, and its unique in our line. A favorite of all our scent testers....this one took the most unanimous marks for favorite scent. You don't want to miss this one! The scent strength is moderate.  Most who enjoy this scent also enjoy Evergreen, Sandalwood, and Harvest.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Sweetgrass is an herb often used by Native Americans. This candle captures the scent perfectly sending you instantly to a fall meadow - fresh, crisp, and a hint of floral. Scent Notes: Fresh, green coastal grass scent, with floral undertones.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Morning Mist is a light, refreshing, crisp scent that is great for returning your mood to a happy, more grounded state. This is a scent we have experimented with for over a year now at in person events, and it is always one of the first to sell out. Don't miss this gem! Scent Notes: Eucalyptus, Green Tea
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time If you are true country down at heart, you will absolutely love the nostalgia of saddle leather. This is a true-to-scent candle that will bring a smile to your face and warm memories of the good 'ol days.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Who doesn't love a walk in a meadow or along an old country road full of wild honeysuckle? The scent on honeysuckle is known to fill the air and be the essence of sweetness in summer.  The aroma is absolutely intoxicating and takes you to a time when life was easier and carefree. The scent is moderately strong with a full body of sweet floral notes.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time What more could you ask for than to come home to the smell of fresh baked cinnamon and apples right out of the oven. Warm, spicy, fresh and crisp - yet not overdone - with the deep, rich elements of cinnamon and other baking spices.  A true favorite among men and women equally. Scent strength is moderate.  Most who enjoy Hill Country Orchard also enjoy Orange Blossom, Southern Hospitality, and Gingerbread. Scent Elements: Cinnamon & Apple Formerly named Mountain Orchard
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Warm spices, fresh citrus, and sweet dried fruits. This scent embodies the bounty of harvest time. A perfect scent for the home any time of year and a fall best seller! Scent strength is a soft moderate.  If you enjoy Harvest, please consider Hill Country Orchard, Southern Hospitality, and Gingerbread.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time A classic gingerbread scent for the holidays or any time you miss the joy of the Christmas season. For the same reason I put on Christmas music several months early, I enjoy the classic warm, and spicy scent with a touch of molasses sweetness. Perfect for any fall day!
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Free Reign Farm's Fruit Loop candle is very nostalgic, fresh, and has a prominent lemon overtone.  While it may seem a little strange to have a cereal scented candle, it has become a crowd favorite that we just had to add to our candle line.  Once again this is a phthalate-free (no headache), paraffin-free (no black soot), special wood wick candle that will not tunnel (no wax left on the side of the jar). The blend is smooth, moderate in strength.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time A mixture of mulling spices, woodsy pine base notes and a sweet orange over tone make this one great all year round! Many people are reminded of the complexity of Russian Tea. Regardless, it’s one of our most requested scents that has sold out many times. Scent strength is moderate.  If you enjoy Smoky Mountain Christmas, consider Orange Blossom, Harvest, and Gingerbread.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time We have a brand new candle release for 2020.  This candle is a unique combination of evergreens, spices, orange, and a hint of fireside embers to combine all the coziness that you would expect in your living room at Christmas - the kitchen, the tree, and the fireplace.  We hope you enjoy this candle as much as we do!
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Extravagance is a brand new scent.  Many have asked us for our take on one of the best "fresh & clean" scents we can offer.  If you like Caribbean Blue (now Bluebonnet), you will be sure to love this one.  It is fresh, complex, and elegant.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Autumn Leaves is a great new scent for the Fall.  We think this will be a best seller from October through February at least.


What makes our Wood Wick Candles so Special?

Unique Wick Design

As you take a peek inside one of our special wood wick candles, you will actually notice a pure cotton wick right next to the wood wick.  But why?

When we first started making wood wick candles, we had to educate our customers regarding how to properly light the wood wick and care for it as it burned.  On average, a plain wood wick takes between 20-45 seconds of continuous lighting before it softens the wax enough to stay continuously lit.

With the invention of our pure cotton boosted wood wick, your candle will light as quickly as any cotton wick candle, and you will rarely if ever have to do any wick maintenance.


Wood Wick Advantages

But why wood wicks in the first place?  We decided to stick with wood wick candles because we enjoy the crackling sound as it burns, the burn is much cleaner (no black smoke, heavy metals, etc.), the flame is broader and gives off more light, and it tends to burn all of the wax in your candle rather than just a hole down the center (tunneling).  For you, that means a much longer burn time per candle and better value for the money.

wood wick candle advantages


Cleaner Fragrance (100% Phthalate-Free Candles)

Did you know that most scented candles (and scented cosmetic products for that matter) use fragrance oils that contain phthalates?  Because phthalates are used in the fragrance manufacturing process, it never has to be placed on the label, but the health effects of phthalates will shock you including:

  • Headaches
  • Infertility
  • Miscarriages
  • Hormone Disruption
  • Gestational Diabetes

Want to learn more?  Check out our latest article regarding phthalates and how to avoid them.  Out of respect for your family and ours, all of our candles have been specifically manufactured without the use of any phthalates.

no headache wood wick candle


Cleaner Wax 

Did you notice that all of our wood wick candles are made with soy wax?  That is because there really are only three clean waxes that can be used in candles:  beeswax, palm wax, and soy wax.  Beeswax tends to be very expensive and prevents the average American family from being able to afford clean candles.  Palm wax wreaks havoc on the environment – especially the delicate rain forest and its ecosystem.  Which leaves…Soy Wax.  Affordable, clean, and allows the candle scent to travel very well.

So what’s wrong with the candles at the supermarket?  They are made with paraffin wax.  After being in the candle making business for several years, we have heard the horrors of paraffin wax.  But first, how do you know if you have a paraffin candle?

99% of the time, a candle that does not mention the wax type (beeswax, palm wax, or soy wax) is a paraffin wax candle.  Think Walmart, Tractor Supply, Bath & Body Works, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.

What does paraffin wax do?  It can kill an indoor bird like a parakeet in a matter of minutes.  It produces considerably more soot than soy wax candles.  It also has been proven to release cancer causing chemicals into the air when burned.

A 2010 study by Massoudi Ph.D. and Hamidi Ph.D. said, “Considerable adverse health effects including cancer, asthma, and dermatitis as a result of burning paraffin wax candles in enclosed limited areas have been reported.  The chromatogram of emission products of paraffin based candles were tested for hazardous emissions. In support of published reports the petroleum based candles produced various alkanes, alkenes, toluene, benzene (a carcinogen) and some other chemicals whereas the soybean candle was completely clean.”

Note: carcinogens like benzene and toluene have been connected to cancer, asthma and birth defects. Ref


American Chemical Society

EPA Study

2010 Hamidi Study

Scented Candles as toxic as cigarettes

Benzene Cancer Risk by American Chemical Society

Excerpt: long-term exposure to benzene is harmful to bone marrow, which can cause the body to make fewer red blood cells, white blood cells, and blood platelets. Moreover, links have been found between benzene and leukemia.




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