Wood Wick Soy Candles

  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time A mixture of mulling spices, woodsy pine base notes and a sweet orange over tone make this one great all year round! Many people are reminded of the complexity of Russian Tea. Regardless, it's one of our most requested scents that has sold out many times. Scent strength is moderate.  If you enjoy Southern Hospitality, consider Orange Blossom, Harvest, and Gingerbread.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time We are pleased to release Tobacco Barn.   This is a soft, warm, cozy scent that has hints of vanilla, tobacco, and oak.  The candle burn time is between 80-100hrs.  Clean burning soy wax will not leave residual black soot.  The fragrance oil is phthalate-free to avoid causing the traditional "candle headache" of other candle brands.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time We have been asked for years to offer the perfect rose scented candle. As many of you know, rose is one of the trickiest scents to perfect, but you will be pleasantly surprised with this combination of fresh and floral. Everyone needs a lovely candle to welcome in the summer months.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Vanilla Amber Wood Wick Soy Candle by Free Reign Farm is the perfect candle for vanilla lovers with a deep, rich added element of amber. Scent strength is mild to moderate.  Most people who enjoy vanilla scents should also check out Vanilla Pumpkin, Tobacco Barn, and Sea Breeze.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time Perfect candle for all year if you are a vanilla enthusiast like me!  Vanilla is the predominant scent with pumpkin spice in the background to turn this candle from mediocre to incredible. Scent strength is moderately strong.  Those who enjoy Vanilla Pumpkin also really enjoy Blueberry Pie, Vanilla Amber, Warm Latte, and Hill Country Orchard.
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time I'm not a coffee drinker but I've been known to step foot into coffee shops just for that smell! You know, the one that makes everything seems cozy and inviting? This candle perfectly catches that coffee house scent, it's so true to smell that some people wonder how we did it... we'll just keep that secret and enjoy the aroma! Best Seller! People who like this scent also like... well... We don't know... once they pick this one they never change.  


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