Goat Milk Bath Soak
For a True Luxury Bath!


Treat the woman in your life to the ultimate luxury bath. Goat Milk bath soak is made from mineral rich salts and finely shredded goat milk soap. Feel yourself relax in this mineral and moisture rich bath with a delightful aroma. Not just great to use… these soaks come in an adorable reusable glass “milk bottle” shaped jar. This set includes Summer Night Walk relaxing lavender, Summer Romance lavender and lemongrass, Promised Land honeysuckle and oatmeal, Tropical Ice Spearmint Orange, and NEW Delight spearmint lavender. Mom will love this beautiful set! We’ve been told it’s almost too pretty to use… …almost!

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Each jar holds 7oz of product enough for several baths if used according to the directions.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Goat Milk Soap Shreds.

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