Blue Sea Glass Necklace
Essential Oil Jewelry


Blue Sea Glass Essential Oil Jewelry

Essential oil jewelry allows your to look and feel great at the same time.  This boho chic look is great for the beach or any time you want to be stress free.  Just add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to the pumice stone and wear your jewelry – it allows the oil to slowly diffuse into your skin and provide an aromatherapy effect.  This necklace is 18 inches.  See photos for unique clasp design.




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Blue Aromatherapy Sea Glass Natural Hemp Essential Oil Necklace

This gorgeous blue sea glass pendant corded on natural hemp leaves one with thoughts of a clear blue sky day with the feeling of a light breeze whisping through the hair. The sound of crashing waves on the sea shore while walking barefoot as sand sneaks between the toes. A place where you can find some amazing treasures of mother earth. In some parts of the world you can actually find glass parts that were naturally tumbled by the currents of the waters and magically washed upon the shore in different colors and shapes. Maybe they were remnant from a message in a bottle that someone wanted to send but didn’t quite make it in tact or maybe a sailor that threw his bottle overboard in which broke as it hit the bottom of the seabed. And so after many years of being swished around in the waters of the sea it is finally washed ashore.


To get this smooth finish naturally would take 7-10 years. This pendant is beautifully handmade from recycled glass material and a time consuming design process designed to mimic the natural beauty of sea glass that occurs over time using just the sand and the sea.


White pumice lava stone rock is formed from lava that erupts from a volcano. Its porous nature makes it a popular choice for as a diffuser for essential oils to create aromatherapy jewelry.

Add one or two drops of essential oil on to the lava bead and let dry before putting on so that no irritations develop on the skin.


100% hemp twine is processed ecologically friendly. Hemp twine is UV resistant, antibacterial, and is the strongest of all natural fibers. Hemp fibers don’t deteriorate in salt water which means our hemp twine is safe for salt water. However, the hemp cord will last longer if removed before swimming, showering and sleeping.


The necklace is 18 inches in length. The clasp is a loop and a clear matte cultured sea glass bead.


*Eco Friendly


*Non Metal



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Essential Oil Jewelry”

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