Citrine Gem Stone Necklace
Essential Oil Jewelry


Citrine Gem Stone Aromatherapy Essential Oil Necklace

In folklore it is said that citrine is one of the only stones that doesn’t retain negative energy, but deflects it instead. Said to be associated with willpower, determination, improving clarity, removing negativity, going with the flow, confidence, success in business situations, calmness in challenging situations and balancing emotions.

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But for our purposes, it is a beautiful stone that contains a lava bead so you can add your favorite essential oils to your necklace and experience natural aromatherapy all day long without the need for carrier oils.


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Amethyst Gem Stone Aromatherapy Essential Oil Necklace


White pumice lava stone rock is formed from lava that erupts from a volcano. Its porous nature makes it a popular choice for as a diffuser for essential oils to create aromatherapy jewelry.


In folklore amethyst has been used to guard against drunkenness, encourage sobriety, and help overcome addiction. Said to encourage love, spirituality, protection and purification. Some put under their pillow and attribute to restful sleep.

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Add one or two drops of essential oil on to the lava bead and let dry before putting on so that no irritations develop on the skin.


100% hemp twine is processed ecologically friendly. Hemp twine is UV resistant, antibacterial, and is the strongest of all natural fibers. Hemp fibers don’t deteriorate in salt water which means our hemp twine is safe for salt water. However, the hemp cord will last longer if removed before swimming, showering and sleeping.


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Essential Oil Jewelry”

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