Iced Pumpkin (Small)

Iced Pumpkin (Small)


Perfect candle for all year if you are a vanilla enthusiast like me! Vanilla is the predominant scent with pumpkin spice in the background to turn this candle from mediocre to incredible.

Scent strength is moderate. Those who enjoy Iced Pumpkin also really enjoy , Vanilla Amber, Warm Latte, and Hill Country Orchard.

100% Soy Wax
Genuine Crackling Wood Wick
Extended Burn Time (13oz: 80-100 hrs. 7oz: 40-50hrs)
NO Tunneling (that’s when the wax is left on the side of the jar)
NO Paraffin Wax (linked to excess soot production, respiratory issues, etc.)
NO Phthalate Fragrance Oils (they cause most “candle headaches”)
NO Dyes (worsens air quality when burned)
NO Metal Core Wicks (worsens air quality when burned)


Wood Wick Soy Candle Advantages and Lighting Instructions



wood wick candle advantages

Additional information


Small – 40 Hours, Large – 80 Hours


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