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Poison Ivy Goat Milk Soap

Poison Ivy Goat Milk Soap


(2 customer reviews)

A must-have for the outdoorsman! Our Jewelweed Poison Ivy Soap, made with wildcrafted jewelweed native to the mountains of East TN, is nature’s secret for poison ivy. With plantain, yarrow, and tea tree essential oil, it’s a herbal superhero blend. Pine tar, a hiker’s secret, works with tea tree oil to strip poison ivy oils, preventing rashes. If a rash has developed, a thorough wash may help. Goat milk adds a gentle touch, preventing excessive dryness and alleviating irritation and itch.


Free Reign Farm’s Jewelweed Poison Ivy Soap made with Goat Milk

This jewelweed poison ivy goat milk soap is made with pine tar and jewelweed.  A hiker’s best kept secret for poison ivy.

Ingredients: Jewelweed infused goat milk solution, saponified natural fats and coconut oils, olive oil infusion (Jewelweed, plantain and yarrow), pine tar, tea tree essential oil.

Size: 4.5 oz

Please Note: Our amazing jewelweed poison ivy soap made with pine tar and tea tree essential oil is all handmade which will result in natural variations in size, shape, and color from batch to batch. We think it adds character! Goodness knows there were a lot of “characters” who had a hand in making – just ask Ethel the goat!


2 reviews for Poison Ivy Goat Milk Soap

  1. Rebecca

    We have a large yard next to a forest, and poison ivy is part of this beautiful landscape. I’ve had to resort to steroid creams, pills, and/or shots during yard-maintenance season for years. However, this season I bought a “Poison Ivy Soap” bar and immediately used it right after working in the yard. I’m so thrilled to share that this soap really works!! I’ve had no rash this summer! I believe the key is its ingredients along with the timing – wash with it immediately after exposure to the vines. This soap will definitely be a staple in our house!

  2. Brenda B (verified owner)

    This is my favorite soap due to being highly allergic to poison ivy. After doing yardwork I suds it up and put it on any skin that was exposed ( like above the glove line) and leave it on for 3 minutes and then rinse off. It really works for me!

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