Pure Essential Oils  
Oregano & Hyssop


During these difficult times, we were able to secure a limited quantity of very in demand essential oils: Oregano & Hyssop.

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  • Not diluted like most grocery store brands
  • No multi-level marketing price inflation
  • Backed by COA


  • Are these certified organic essential oils? No.  These are all considered “pure” essential oils that have been through CPG/GC analysis.  The purity of these oils without the organic certification helps us keep costs low.
  • Are these safe for internal use?  We are not in the business of educating regarding essential oil use.  As such, our official recommendation is that none of these essential oils be used for internal use. 
  • Why do you market them as “Essential Oil Fragrance”?  We encourage people to use these oils in their diffusers and in any way that allows them to enjoy these oils.  However, if we market them for any therapeutic purpose the FDA considers us selling “drugs” and requires a drug license. Thus we have these oils labeled as “fragrance” and we will let you choose how to use them.



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Oregano, Hyssop


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Oregano & Hyssop”