Candle Soy Wax
100% Soy, Paraffin-Free


This is our preferred soy wax for making our candles.  This wax is specially made to achieve a smooth top, excellent hot and cold scent throw (how well it smells both hot and cold).  This soy wax is able to be poured much hotter than a normal soy wax with a pouring temp between 145-150 Degrees.



Important Information

Form: Soy Wax Flakes
Pour Temp: 125-150F
Melt Point: 115-120F
Fragrance Oil Load: 7%-9%


100% Soy Wax Blend:  Mixture of soy wax and soy oil which helps the wax “stick” to the container better.

Additional information


1lb ($4.50/lb), 5lb ($3.99/lb)


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100% Soy, Paraffin-Free”

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