From Head to Bum, the Perfect Fix.

“What?!?” I’m sure the look of sheer terror on my face was evident when my husband tossed the triple antibiotic cream tube in the trash. We committed to live a more natural life-style and eliminate toxins from our homes, cleaners and medicine cabinets. But surely this was taking it too far! As a mom of 3 (now 4) little ones who love to play outside on the farm… cuts, stings, bruises, etc are part of everyday life! What’s a momma to do if she has no tube of antibiotic laced petroleum jelly!?!?

Well, it didn’t take long for me to figure out just how right my husband was. It turns out that little tube of “catch all healer” isn’t as innocent as it seems! I had no idea that these over-the-counter antibiotic creams contribute to a dramatic increase in resistant bacterias such and STAPH and MRSA. There’s also the  damaging affects that too many antibiotics can have on a growing child’s immune system.    Then this study talks about how damaging the petroleum jelly itself can be to the healing process. Coupled with this article  about how petroleum based skin care is the #1 pore cloggin toxin in the US and I was done!

It’s time for a change in plans! The herb world is full of far more effective,  and natural solutions such as:
comfrey–for wound healing, immunity boosting, and pain reduction
calendula— an antimicrobial and wound healing stimulant
plantain— also a wound healing stimulant that also reduces scarring
rosemary–for it’s ability to reduce pain, itchiness and skin irritations.
and yarrow— that helps stop bleeding and promote healing
A medicine cabinet full of herbs quickly replaced our little tube. But there was still a problem… afterall while the herbs work, they don’t exactly travel well… who wants a purse full of loose herbs for the “what ifs” of life? We began working on a way to concentrate the herb-power into a transportable case. A tin full of green salve came to the rescue. Packed with herbs, essential oils, Vitamin E, and more the little green tins are a power house of herbal benefits. The kids coined the phrase “Fix It” Salve and our new product was born.
fix it herbal salve

Free Reign Farm’s natural herbal salve

The little tins of green salve are a catch all in our house! We use it on everything from stings, to burns, cuts, and it even works miracles on diaper rash! I will never forget the day my red headed daughter (read sensitive skin!) got stung just below her eyebrow. In a matter of minutes her eye was swollen shut. We quickly applied the fix it and within 30 minutes none of us could even tell where she’d been stung!
Non-toxic, packed with herb and essential oil power, and safe enough to eat (just ask the 1 year old) although we don’t recommend that as a normal use for it!  It’s  a must have in every car, purse and bathroom at our house. And it’s now available at a discount in packs of 5 or more! Fill the purse, car and bathrooms for a discount!
**This page is meant for educational purposes only. These products have not been tested by the FDA and are not designed to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness or ailment. All medical concerns should be referred to a medical professional.