We Are Growing!

 Wait, didn’t we just do this?  It feels like yesterday that I was writing up the blogpost about the fire in our production building and about renovating our new store and everything we did to get it ready to make our products in one building and sell next door. Despite the pandemic limiting in-store traffic last year, I am excited to share that God has blessed our business this spring and allowed it to grow. In fact, it’s grown so much, we have run out of room! We knew we needed a place to lay out our candle and soap making to meet increasing quotas. With all the handwashing, people are buying more of the goat milk soap to moisturize dry skin and finding they love it. Lavender bars are especially popular with their relaxing qualities. Good time to relieve anxiety and chill a bit.

Soooo, we made a BIG decision to buy a building from a local church who was no longer using it and move our production process there where we will be able to offer educational classes and make even more wood wick soy candles, goat milk soaps and other great products.

new production building

This week, we are moving everything you see in our 2,500 square foot production building on some of the shelves you see below to the gymnasium space you see below that.


We now have an additional 14,000 square feet to work with … 4,500 for production, space for shipping & receiving, room for classes and more!


But, wait, there’s more! Our 900 square foot storefront has grown too as we have added other natural, healthy products from gourmet foods to clothing to delicious to-go meals and baked goods. Because there is a growing awareness of what is in the products both that we eat and put on our bodies, we want to keep adding even more homesteading, farming, and natural living staples. To do this, we plan to move the storefront over to the previous production building.

You know we love to recycle, right? We were able to breathe new life into the old pews from inside the sanctuary.  Are you thinking what I am thinking? Solid oak shelves for the new building! Score! They are being broken down now for us as we haul boxes from point A to B.

Right now, you might be asking yourself – wait, you all worked so hard on the old printshop. What is happening to that building? And, you are right to ask. That building is already home to our new commercial kitchen and we will be expanding our bakery menu and filling that store with all kinds of delicious baked goods. If you have stopped by our store recently, you have already caught of whiff of our baker’s amazing cinnamon buns, delicious honey wheat bread, carrot cake and more. We are excited to offer weekly specials to show off her culinary skills. Other grocery items including our to-go meals, dairy products, meats and more will move with the store over to the larger building.

baked goods

None of this could have happened without God’s amazing timing and our family working together to make it all happen. Our little one is even helping move candle jars. Seeing everyone pitch in has been a huge blessing.

moving boxes

It takes a big trailer to move about 60,000 pounds of raw supplies!

moving day

More pictures to come as we adjust to our new spaces and launch the new storefront this summer!

11 thoughts on “We Are Growing!”

  1. Awesome!!! Your stuff is the best. Too bad I’m in Nevada or I’d be eating all your baked goods too!

  2. This is so awesome. You are just great hard working people with excellent products. So proud of all of your hard work that has brought you so much success. GOD ID GREAT. CINDY.

  3. So happy for you! I love your products and I had noticed that you were offering more items. Can’t wait to stop by and see everything that you have to offer now. Gave some soap to my sister-in-law and now she’s hooked on how much better her skin feels. Love your products!!

  4. Congratulations and good luck from Massachusetts. I love your candles and soap. Hopefully someday I can come and visit in person.

  5. Bethany, I’m so proud of you & your family & what your business has become. God is good & I’m glad that your business has grown to the great footage to make & display your goodies.
    You guys have worked hard & because of your devotion to your family & your business, God has seen your faith & blessed you.
    Please keep in touch when you have your products on sale & I’ll buy for gifts & self. May God continues to richly bless you!
    Patti Ann
    Patti Ann

  6. My wife and i are happy for your family in you new facility. We love your products. Plush we are brothers and sisters in our Lord and savior. I am glad that GOD has blessed your business.

  7. So happy God has blessed you! I am loving my candles – I can’t find pure soy ones around here. Praying that your move goes smoothly and that as you give your business to the Lord, He gives the increase!❤️🎉

  8. Awesome news love your products. Now more room for wonderful new items. Cant wait to see how this new space becomes a new blessing. You guys are amazing.

  9. David and Bethany,
    What exciting news for you! I know last year was a struggle, so how amazing that God has blessed your business so much this spring! I love your products and wish I could enjoy some of those yummy baked goods too!

    Blessings to you guys!

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