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With natural living trends and lifestyles on the rise, Valentine’s Day presents a bit of a conundrum for many guys out there.  Does he risk a night in the dog house for bringing home chocolates that are off limits to the new diet? Will she delight in a bouquet of roses or cringe and ask if they are organic? After all, roses are now touted as a nutritional natural snack! Let’s not forget either that most us are on a New Year’s budget paying down the credit card. So whether she eats the roses or smells them, we still have to keep an eye on the price tag!

Before you decide to give up on Valentine’s Day all together, let me help you out. As a woman who lived the natural lifestyle before it was cool and knows all about living on a budget, let me tell you the things that I appreciated the most. Because even natural living women on a budget like to feel loved by their heroes. Here’s my Top 5 Natural Living Valentine’s Gift picks for $25 or less

Free Reign Farm Goat Milk Soap Gift Set

#1 Lavender Gift Set

This set fits the bill for every natural living woman… a relaxing lavender goat milk soap bar for the shower that’s extra moisturizing for thirsty winter skin. There’s also a worry free 100% natural lavender lip balm. So natural you can eat it, this lip balm is made with essential oils, nourishing shea butter, and vitamin E to keep her lips soft enough to kiss even in the winter winds. The icing on the cake for this set is the unique lavender goat milk foaming soap. Goat milk soaps are the hottest new trend according to beauty experts but every natural woman knows that bar soaps by the sink are a nightmare. They make a mess that is never clean. If left in the average soap dish they melt away and make us cringe remembering the price tag. Enter foaming soap, a quick, mess-less noob rolex daytona 40mm 116518 mens automatic clean with all the natural benefits of goat milk soap to keep her soft and beautiful. Another plus–guys this one comes ready to give-no gift wrapping! Even the tag is ready to write on, all for just $15! Use coupon code forward15 for 15% off!

#2 Tea Steeping Travel Tumbler

The natural living crowd is turning more and more to teas for healthier drinking options. Natural herbal teas have a lot to offer the natural living woman, there are herbal teas for everything from pain relief to hormone balance. Green tea and Oolong teas make a healthy replacement for those nasty soft drinks, and even help promote weight loss. There is a tea for just about everything! I’ll be honest, I love tea. I love that it’s natural, it tastes good, it’s good for me in so many ways, but I didn’t drink it. If your wife is like me, she doesn’t sit still long enough to make a mug of tea. I foolishly tried taking ceramic mugs of tea with me. This resulted in many spill clean ups and significantly reduced my collection of mugs. It just isn’t practical for a woman on the go.  This mug solves all those problems. It’s stainless steel so no worries about PBA plastics, or broken glass or ceramics. The tea cage holds tea, fruit or other natural ingredient and you simply pour hot or cold water over it, screw the lid on and run. The tea brews on the go and it’s ready when I need it. The cap doesn’t leak, it’s easy to clean, easy to use and really helps integrate natural living into real life schedules. Trust me, she will love it! Buy it for just $24.95

#3 Live Aloe House Plant

Anyone who’s lived the natural lifestyle for a while knows the benefits of aloe. It’s commonly used for sunburns and wound healing, but it also offers a host of benefits as an edible plant as well.  Even if you choose not to eat it, aloe as a house plant is said to purify the air. It works to absorb airborne compounds from paint, cleaning agents, and glues keeping the air in your home naturally pure! If she doesn’t know about these other benefits you’ll sure win her over with all your fresh insights 🙂 I should also point out that even for those who don’t have a green thumb aloe is very easy to grow. It actually likes to be dry so please, forget to water it.  It doesn’t require tons of sunlight or special grow lights, and I happen to know that it’s hardy enough to survive multiple “accidental transplants” from children and pets. Plus the one in this link comes in an adorable pot that you can customize just for her. (bonus points, Guys! Big bonus points!) $24.95

#4 Diffuser Necklace Kit

Essential oils are the hallmark of natural living. They smell great, offer a host of aromatherapy benefits, and can be used naturally treat a variety of ailments.  I love this diffuser necklace set because it’s multi purpose. It comes with a set of 4 therapeutic grade essential oils that have a wide variety of practical applications. They can be used in a home diffuser, mixed with a carrier oil and used to treat various things, or even be mixed in your own DIY natural skincare recipe. 

The fun part about this set is the diffuser necklace. It’s stylish, toxin free stainless steel, and a great practical way to wear your aromatherapy. No need to worry about oil stains on clothes (especially if she wears white!) or potential risks of applying directly to the skin. This necklace comes with little felt pads that gently diffuse the oil throughout the day as you wear the necklace. The set comes with extra pads to use with the various other essential oils she already has in the house 🙂 Plus, this one comes in a cute ready to give box–just buy a card and you’re golden guys! $18.99

#5 Saw Palmetto Gourmet Honey

The natural woman’s alternative to the traditional candies… Honey is the natural living sweetener of choice! BUT until you taste Saw Palmetto Honey… you don’t know what good honey is! Imagine the difference between Milk Duds chocolate and gourmet Belgian delicacies. Saw Palmetto Honey has a rich full bodied flavor unlike any other honey I’ve ever tasted. It is made from the blossoms of the saw palmetto plant that is native to Florida and the surrounding regions. Saw Palmetto Honey is unique in that it contains enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, acids, and phytonutrients that strengthen the immune system. This dark honey can contain up to 20 times more nutrients than lighter honey and rivals the benefits of Manuka honey. This makes it a gourmet addition to her herbal teas, a perfect choice for immunity syrups, natural skincare recipes, or natural baking recipes. $15.00 for 12 oz or $21.70 for 20 oz (larger size out of stock as of the writing of this)

Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day Kisses – She’s going to love whatever you choose and we already know she loves you!

Not sure what to buy for him? Read my husband’s gift guide for great ideas–he even included discount codes for them!