Goat Milk Soap with Cinnamon and Clove Essential Oils

Today’s “Which Goat Milk Soap is Best?” highlight is for all those “germ-phobics” out there. Enter Cinnamon and Clove essential oils, nature’s dynamic duo for killing germs! Cinnamon and Clove have a long history of use to prevent illness. They are two of the main components in the fabled “thieves oil” that supposedly prevented thieves from becoming infected with the Bubonic Plague.

Cinnamon and clove goat milk soap

Grandma’s Kitchen Goat Milk Soap

Several studies have shown cinnamon and clove essential oils to be effective at killing a wide variety of bacteria, fungus, and viruses. One study even sighted Cinnamon oil as being effective against MRSA and some penicillin resistant strep bacteria.

I personally like these oils in my hand soap during cold and flu season. Last year was our first year flu-free! Coincidentally it was also our first year using Grandma’s Kitchen as our primary hand soap. (hmmm…..) I’ve also seen some success in using this soap on my acne and it’s definitely my go-to choice when the kids come in from playing in questionable “dirt!”

Pine and clove goat milk soap

Lumber Jack Goat Milk Soap

Cinnamon and Clove are not for everyone, however. They smell amazing and I love what they can do, but they can also be irritating to sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin these oils are not a good fit for you.

Free Reign Farm offers Grandma’s Kitchen that contains both cinnamon and clove essential oil and Lumber Jack that contains clove essential oil.


DISCLAIMER: These statements are not evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to cure, treat or diagnose and disease or illness.